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AC Motors

Ambient Temperature -10 to +50°C
Altitude Not exceeding 1000 m above mean sea level
Atmosphere Non corrosive & non hazardous
Relative Humidity Up to 100%
Voltage 415V, 690V, 6.6kV, 3.3kV, 11kV +/- 10%
Frequency 50Hz +/- 5%
Combined Variation +/-10%
Duty S1 (continuous)
Service factor 1.0

Execution & Features

Construction Features

Protection IP 55
Type of cooling IC 611 / 616 / 8A1W7
Class of Insulation F / H
Terminal Box position LHS from NDE
Bearing Roller Bearings at NDE, Ball bearings at DE
Lubrication Grease
Mounting IM 1001, IM 3011, IM 2001, IM 3001
Accessories ACH, 6*simplex RTD, 2* Duplex RTD type BTD
Frame sizes 355 frame to 710 frame
Shaft Extension Single cylindrical extension as per IS:1231
Connection Star

Performance Features

Method of starting DOL
Vibration As per IS: 12075
Noise As per IS: 12065
Fault withstand level of Terminal Box 43.7kA for 0.25sec, 39.4kA for 0.25 sec(in case of 11kV supply voltage)
Bearing Life 40,000 working hours in case of direct drive.
20,000 working hours in case of belt drive.

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